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Smart Touch Waltz series

Smart Touch Waltz series


Greencontrols Premium Smart Touch series, Waltz, designed with 3.0 inch color IPS capacitive touch screen and resolution of 854x480.

With basic control functions including switching, dimming, blinds, scenes, etc. And other control functions including colour and colour temperature control, audio control, HVAC control (Room temperature control, Air conditioner and Ventilation). LED illuminated buttons and a LED digital display to give it the ultimate luxurious feel.

  • General Specification

    Operating Voltage: 21-30 VDC via KNX. Require 24VDC as well.

    Control Elements: On/Off, Dimming, Blinds, Air Conditioning control, scenes

    Material: Metal

    Frame: No

    Sensor Type: Proximity Sensor (Distance Programmable)

    Certification: KNX Certified

  • Policy

    Product warranty period: 1 year

  • Technical Sheets

  • Size (W x H x D)

    86mm x 115mm x 34.7mm 

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