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IR Transmitter

IR Transmitter


Greencontrols IR Transmitter has 2 channels, with each channel capable of learning up to 64 functional codes. The IR transmitter is used to control IR devices via the KNX system. The IR configurator DCA tools are utilized to capture and store IR (Infrared) signals. These tools provide a means of configuring and managing IR devices by capturing their unique infrared signals and saving them for future reference. By using the IR configurator DCA tools, users can analyze, record, and store IR signals from various devices such as remote controls, IR transmitters, or other infrared-enabled devices.

  • General Specification

    Operating Voltage: 21-30 VDC via KNX

    Operating Current: <20mA

    Power Consumption: <240mW

    Channel Output: 2

    Certification: KNX Certified

    Size: 46 x 46 x 11.7 mm

  • Policy

    Product warranty period: 1 year

  • Technical Sheets

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