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Dimmer Actuator 1-10V, 4 Channels

Dimmer Actuator 1-10V, 4 Channels

SKU: GC05DA005

Greencontrols 1-10V Dimming Actuator is designed for control of dimmable electronic drivers with 1-10V interface. It comes with 4 channel of output floating switching contact 6A each.

  • General Specification

    Operating Voltage: 21 - 30 VDC via KNX

    Control Current: 100mA / Channel

    Switch Current: 6A / Channel

    Number of Channels: 4

    Certification: KNX Certified

    Size: 74 x 90 x 65 mm

  • Policy

    Product warranty period: 1 year

  • Technical Sheets

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